Bicep Press: 11 Types Exercises To Build Muscle Effectively

Bicep press

Bicep Push Press

The bicep press may not be enough for you since its main targets are the muscles of the upper body. If you want to work various sets of muscles, you can opt to practice the push press regularly.

The push press targets your glutes, quadriceps, core, and shoulders. You can also combine this exercise with a bicep curl while doing it if you want to work on your biceps to

You can perform the push press using a pair of dumbbells or a barbell set. If you want to practice it, you can follow these steps.
• Stand with your legs straight at hip-width apart.
• Grip your dumbbells. Lift them and position them at your sides as high as your shoulder.
• Lower your legs to a quarter squat position so that your knees point out over the toes, but your chest remains up tall.
• Push your body up so that your knees, ankles, and hips extend fully and, at the same time, lift your dumbbells over your head.
• Stand firmly on the ground and lock your arms and legs.
• Lower the dumbbells and your legs to a quarter squat position.

If you want to add the bicep curl in this exercise, then perform the bicep curl beforehand. After that, take the starting position of the push press and perform the exercise.

Bicep Curl Press

One of the most effective exercises to develop the biceps is the bicep curl. This type of bicep press exercise is perfect for beginners to professionals. For professionals, they only need to adjust the weights to the heavier ones so that they can meet their sport training needs.

Below are the steps of practicing the bicep curl.

1. Stand with a dumbbell in each hand; feet at hip-width apart.
2. Arms down on your sides and wrists face forward.
3. Lift the dumbbells slowly by bending your elbows so that the dumbbells close to your shoulders. Remember to keep your elbows firmly tucked close to your ribs.
4. Go back to the starting position.
5. Do 2 or 3 sets of 8 repetitions. Remember to rest for a couple of minutes between these sets.

Bicep Bench Press

The traditional bench press targets more on your pectorals and deltoids. Meanwhile, the narrow-grip bench press will strengthen your triceps. However, if you want to work your muscles on a bench, you simply need to modify the bicep curl exercise above.

Instead of doing it while standing, you can sit on a bench. It is perfect for you who are recovering from an injury.

To perform this bicep bench curl, you need to follow these steps.
• Sit on the bench with your feet spread wide and flat on the floor.
• Grab a dumbbell.
• Lean forward a bit and hang your arm down between your legs, wrist faces forward, and upper arm closes to the thigh.
• Curl the dumbbell to your shoulder slowly.
• Go back slowly to the starting position.
• Repeat

Bicep Overhead Press

Another variation of bicep press exercise that will strengthen your bicep and shoulder is the bicep overhead press. Follow these steps to grow your biceps and shoulders.
• Take a standing position with your legs at hip-width.
• Hold the weights, wrist outward, and arms down on your sides.
• Curl the weights to your shoulder.
• Instead of going back to the starting position, press your weights overhead; just like when you perform the overhead press.
• Lock your arms and then lower them slowly to your sides.
• Repeat.

Bicep Squat Press

If you want to have stronger legs and stronger arms, you must practice the bicep squat press regularly. Prepare two dumbbells to perform the bicep squat press.
• Grab your dumbbells and stand up straight, legs at about hip-width apart; arms down on your sides.
• Lower your legs slowly into a squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
• Push your body up again and do the bicep curl.
• Keep standing and press the dumbbells up over your head.
• Arms down on your sides and then take a squat position again.
• Repeat.

Bicep Shoulder Press

This particular bicep press exercise is similar to the bicep overhead press. You can follow the steps above in practicing it.

To maximize this exercise, you need to make 6 sets of 10 repetitions with a 5-minute rest between sets. Moreover, use hand weights that are suitable to your bodyweight and level of comfort

Bicep Incline Press

Instead of performing the bicep curl while sitting up right, you can choose to do it while sitting on an inclined bench. Simply incline the bench at 45o angle or 60o angle.

Grab your dumbbells and then sit down on the bench with your back firmly at the backrest. Next, hang down your arms on your sides. After that, do the bicep curl as you do it while standing.

Bicep Military Press

Bicep military press is the variation of the bicep overhead press. The difference between the two of them is at the feet position. In the bicep military press, you must sit upright with feet closer to each other. It is quite challenging so it is better for beginners to choose lighter dumbbells.

Bicep Barbell Press

You can perform the bicep press using a barbell. This sport equipment is perfect for any level of weightlifters. It also offers some advantages. One of them is that it allows you to adjust the weight easily.

Therefore, when you need to exercise with a lighter or heavier barbell, you don’t need to buy other sport equipment. Barbell is also easy to store. See more.

Bicep Dumbbell Press

You can also use dumbbells to tone your biceps. They are less popular than the barbell, but they offer better safety, more freedom of movement, and a wider range of motions. Therefore, they are perfect for you who love to tone your muscles at home. See more tips here.

Bicep Kettlebell Press

Another type of equipment you can use to perform the bicep press is the kettlebells. They have better handles so that they allow you to have firmer and stronger grip while toning your muscles. You can use them in smaller rooms without any problems because kettlebells are compact.