Does Bench Press Work Back: Detailed Explanations

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Does Bench Press Work Back

When it comes to toning your biceps, you have several choices of sport equipment to use. Among this equipment, the dumbbell is one of the most popular. Bicep dumbbell press is proven effective in developing your muscles.

Some people combine it with shoulder press exercise for better results. The dumbbell bicep to shoulder press then become a popular choice among those who are trying to tone their muscles because of various reasons.

Dumbbell is Best

Many people prefer to perform the bicep to shoulder press using dumbbells rather than a set of barbell because the former is much more affordable. This sport equipment is also lighter and perfect for beginners. Moreover, others love it because it is compact.

More Targeted Sets of Muscles

Performing dumbbell bicep to shoulder press allows you to target more sets of muscles. If you only perform the bicep press or curls, you will only work your biceps. However, if you perform bicep to shoulder press, you also work your deltoids and even your abs.

Dumbbell Bicep to Overhead Press

What to do to perform the bicep dumbbell press to shoulder press, or in other words, overhead press? The steps are as follows.

• Hold your dumbbells firmly. Make sure that your palms up and arms down on your sides
• Stand upright with your feet hip-width apart.
• After positioning yourself in this starting position, you can start the exercise by curling the dumbbells to your shoulders.
• Turn your palms so that they face forward and then press the dumbbells over your head.
• Lower your arms slowly to your shoulders while your palm still face forward.
• Turn your palm inwardly so that they are facing toward you.
• Lower your arms to the starting position.
• Make a couple sets of 8 repetitions.

Dumbbell Squat to Bicep Press

While you are developing your biceps, you must also consider developing your lower parts of your body, for example your legs. To work your biceps and legs, you can try the dumbbell squat to bicep press.

This exercise is effective and efficient in working your leg muscles and biceps at the same time. You can find three types of this exercise. These are how you do one of the squats to the bicep dumbbell press.
• Grip the dumbbells.
• Stand with your feet as wide as your shoulders and each hand on your sides with palms face forward.
• Lower your body into a squat; keep your arms down on your sides.
• Push your body up into a standing position or the starting position.
• Curl the dumbbells to your shoulder.
• Repeat.

Bicep Curl And Press Dumbbell

Aside from performing bicep dumbell press to shoulder press as one exercise, you can also perform these two types of exercise separately in order to work your biceps, shoulders, and triceps.

In practicing these two exercises, you simply take the starting position of the bicep curl. After that, make several repetitions of the bicep curl exercise. Then, take a rest for five minutes or so. Next, practice the shoulder press with your dumbbells.

The steps of performing the shoulder press are as follows.
• Hold the dumbbells.
• Position your arms in an outward bending position, creating an L-shape with your shoulders, on your sides and palms out
• Press the dumbbells up
• Lower your arms to the L-position.
• Repeat. (Note: You can do it while standing or sitting.)

Dumbbell Bicep Bench Press

A regular dumbbell bench press is not effective in developing your biceps since it focuses more on other muscles. However, you can still work your biceps using two dumbbells and an inclined bench.

This type of bicep dumbbell press exercise is called incline dumbbell curl. Before you take the starting position, incline the bench at 45o to 60o angle. These are steps.
• Sit on the bench and remember to keep your abs tight and back straight
• Hold your dumbbells, one in each hand, and hands on your sides.
• Palms up and lift your dumbbells to your shoulders.
• Lower your arms slowly.
• Repeat.

Dumbbell Bicep Military Press

The military press is a variation of the shoulder and overhead press. This muscle toning exercise mostly works your triceps. However, you can also work your biceps at the same time if you combine this exercise with another exercise, such as dumbbell bicep military press.

Below is the steps to do it.
• Stand straight with your feet closer than when you perform a regular shoulder press.
• Grip your dumbbells with your hands, hands on your sides, arms down, and palms up. This is your starting position.
• Bring your hands to your shoulders.
• Turn your palms forward, elbows outward making an-L shape, and press your hands up over your head. Hold a moment.
• Lower your arms to the L position slowly and then lower them again to your starting position.

Incline Dumbbell Press Biceps

Previously, you’ve learned the incline bicep curls using the bench press. This type of exercise can be done in several ways. These are the steps of practicing another incline dumbbell bicep press.

• Adjust the bench at a 45o angle.
• Hold your dumbbells and lean against the bench face down, feet rest on the floor for support.
• Hang down your arms on your sides.
• Curl your dumbbells to your head; remember to keep your elbows straight.
• Lower your dumbbells slowly.
• Repeat.

Does Dumbbell Press Work Biceps

The answer for this question is, of course, yes. Various exercises of the bicep dumbbell press above are effective in helping you develop your biceps. They will also help you develop other sets of muscles.

As a result, those exercises must be put on your muscle toning exercise list. However, you don’t need to perform all those exercises in one gym session. Doing all of them will put too much stress on your biceps and other muscles that may result in bicep pain or muscle pain.

Therefore, it is better to schedule the exercises above accordingly in each of your gym sessions. Another thing you must do to avoid bicep pain is choosing the right dumbbell weight. When you are performing shoulder, overhead, or military press, it is better to choose the lighter ones.

Using lighter dumbbells to perform those exercises may seem too easy. However, after several repetitions, they will feel quite heavy.