Does Bench Press Work Biceps: Detailed Explanations


Bicep military press

Bicep curl military press

The bicep curl military press is one of the hardest weight lifting exercises. It is no wonder that this exercise is no longer popular. However, performing this exercise will give you some advantages.

Before trying the bicep military press exercise, you must have a better understanding about this military press first.

Does bench press work biceps?

At a glance, the military press looks similar to the overhead press. However, the two of them are different. This difference is in the posture. When you perform this exercise, you must stand like a soldier, i.e. feet close together.

Military Press: How to Do

To perform this exercise, you can follow these steps.
o Place a barbell set in a squat rack as high as your shoulder (It is easier to use a squat rack than lifting the bar from the floor)
o Stand close to the rack, grab the barbell set; hands are slightly wider from the width of your shoulder and palms up.
o Lift the barbell set from the rack and step back.
o Stand with your feet close together and squeeze your core muscles and glutes hard.
o Make sure that the barbell set is under your chin and your elbows pointing forward.
o Press the bar overhead and then lower it to your chin level.
o Repeat.

Military Press Variation

You can perform a variation of military press in order to train more muscles in your body. One of them is the bicep curl military press. This exercise combines the bicep curl and military press.

In doing this weight lifting exercise, you had better use a lighter barbell set. In addition, your starting position must be similar to when you are going to perform bicep curl, but your feet close together. Once you perform that exercise, press the bar overhead.

Dumbbell Bicep Military Press

Since bicep military press is quite difficult to perform, you can replace the barbell set with lighter dumbbells. To perform this exercise, you simply need to stand and hold your dumbbells; hands face forward. After that, curl the weights to your shoulders.

Instead of repeating the bicep curl movement, you need to push your dumbbells up making a military press movement. In doing it, be sure not to arch your back because it can strain your lower back.

Does Military Press Work Bicep

The military press trains various muscles in the upper body. It also stimulates the glutes if performed properly. This particular exercise mainly trains triceps, traps, deltoids, and upper chest.

However, in a lower degree, it also trains your biceps, abs, lower back, latissimus dorsi, and serratus anterior. Therefore, if you want to train your biceps more, you can combine it with bicep curl exercise.

Military Press Bicep Pain

The bicep military press may cause bicep pain. This pain may be caused by lack of warming up, wrong movement, or too heavy barbell set or dumbbells. If you suffer from this pain, you had better take a rest until it gets better.

While you rest your bicep, you can apply ice packs on your bicep area. You can also use a compression technique to relieve the pain.