Does Bench Press Work Chest: Detailed Explanations

bicep barbell press

Bicep Overhead Press Barbell

Performing barbell exercise is not easy. However, it helps you train your muscles effectively and efficiently. Barbell exercise can be done in several forms of exercises depends on the target. The bicep overhead press barbell, for example, is good to train the bicep.

Some people may think that performing the bicep curl and overhead press using a barbell is too much. However, doing it offers more benefits than when you do it using the dumbbell or kettlebell. These are what you must know about this exercise.

Does Bench Press Work Chest

Barbell exercise, such as the bicep barbell press and overhead press, is an effective exercise for those who are trying to improve their athletic performance. Doing this exercise regularly will improve your power and speed while doing athletic activities.

Work Various Muscles

Doing this exercise also allows you to work various muscles, such as biceps, elbow flexors, and to some degree wrist flexors, deltoids, pectorals, and many more. Therefore, you can have a better posture and body shape.

Barbell Bicep Shoulder Press

The exercise that combines bicep barbell press and overhead press is also known as barbell bicep shoulder press. Basically, this exercise consists of bicep curl and shoulder press or overhead press that is done with a barbell set.

If you want to try this exercise, you can follow the steps below.
• Place a barbell set on the floor.
• Stand in front of the bar with your feet as wide as your hip.
• Grip the bar with your two hands. Remember to place your hands on the bar as wide as your shoulders and wrists face forward.
• Lift the bar so that you are standing with arms down in front and the bar is in front of your thighs.
• Curl the bar until it reaches below your chin.
• Press the bar overhead.
• Lower the bar until your arms down in front and the bar is in front of your thighs.
• Do several repetitions of those steps above.

Barbell Bench Press Bicep

Some people may have difficulties in doing the bicep barbell press and overhead press above since they must do them while standing. As an alternative, you can work your muscles by performing barbell bench press.

Advantages of Performing a Barbell Bench Press

This particular exercise is not effective in developing biceps for those who already have developed biceps. However, beginners who are trying to work their muscles will be able to improve the mass of their biceps through this exercise.

Bicep plays an important role in this exercise because it is its main mover. Barbell bench press focuses more on developing your pectorals, deltoids, arms, and triceps.

How to do it

You can perform the barbell bench press exercise in several ways. One of them is the traditional bench press. In this exercise, you are lying flat on the bench and lifting the bar up and down. It will develop your deltoids and pectorals.

Meanwhile, if you want to have bigger arms, you can try narrow-grip bench press. In doing it, you must grip the bar narrower than the traditional bench press.