Does Bench Press Work Shoulders? Detailed explanations

Bicep kettlebell press exercises can be done in several ways. One of them is the kettlebell bicep curl and press. These kettlebell exercises allow you to target your biceps and shoulders.

As its name suggests, this particular exercise combines bicep curl and press, in which a person performs a bicep curl and after that performs a shoulder press. To perform this exercise, you need two kettlebells.

Does Bench Press Work Shoulders

Steps of Kettlebell Bicep Curl

• Stand with your feet slightly apart, as wide as your hip.
• Hold each kettlebell in one hand; hands on your sides and wrists forward.
• Curl the kettlebells to your shoulder, similar to when you perform a dumbbell curl.
• Lower your arms and go back to the starting position.
• Repeat the steps above as needed.

Steps of Kettlebell Shoulder Press

• Stand in the same position as above.
• Hold the kettlebells on your hands.
• Lift your arms, wrist face forward, and kettlebells on the back of your hands
• Press the weights up overhead.
• Repeat the shoulder press movement 6 to 8 times.

Kettlebell Bicep to Shoulder Press

This particular bicep kettlebell press exercise is similar to the previous one. It targets the bicep and shoulders. In addition, it also combines two movements, i.e. bicep curl and shoulder press.

However, you do not perform this exercise separately. That is, when you perform a bicep curl movement, you must not lower your hands. But, you must press the kettlebells over your head.

You can do this movement with one arm or two arms. The former is suitable if you only have one kettlebell, while the latter need two kettlebells.

You can also do this exercise with two hands but one kettlebell though. It is more suitable for women who may not be strong enough to lift a kettlebell with one hand. To perform this exercise, you can follow these steps.
• Stand with your feet as wide as your hip.
• Hold the kettlebell with two hands; arms down in front of your body.
• Curl the weight up just under your chin.
• Press the kettlebell up over your head.
• Lower the kettlebell down back to your first position.
• Repeat.

Kettlebell Bicep to Overhead Press

The kettlebell bicep as overhead press exercise is, again, very similar with the previous exercise. It is widely known that shoulder press is the same to overhead press. Performing the overhead press using kettlebells is considered better than using dumbbells.

The kettlebells that are on the back of your hands when you lift them over your head allows your hands to be in a straighter position than when you do this movement with dumbbells. As a result, you can exercise your targeted muscles in a better way.

The basic movements of the bicep kettlebell press to overhead press are as follows.
• Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hands on your sides.
• Grip a kettlebell with each of your hands. Lift your arms and make a bicep curl movement
• Twist your arms and wrists so that the they face forward and the kettlebells are behind your hands
• Press the weights together overhead. Lock your elbows at the top.
• Lower your hands.
• Repeat the steps above as needed.